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Company In the Biscottificio Pasquinucci, a Tuscan company in the province of Pisa, the artisan confectionery art has been handed down for generations, still continuing to confirm itself as a Tuscan excellence, producing biscuits, sweets and baked pastries. Story Since 1946, grandparents Dino and Oltigara began selling bread and country products by delivering directly by bicycle, but it was at the end of the 1950s when their children supplied dozens of shops with a van and made the business make the first leap in quality. The real turning point came in 1973 when, with the construction of the new laboratory, we began to produce dry biscuits, cakes and rusks, products that would become some of the strong points that his nephew Enrico continues to make today. Work Peasant recipes handed down from grandparents, genuine top quality ingredients, not using ready-made industrial bases, no preservatives and colourants: all this contains the secret for a natural and artisanal production that ages naturally maintaining its qualities. Value proposition Honey, eggs, pine nuts, flours and all natural ingredients that are transformed into confectionery goodness: the taste experience of our grandparents is still possible today!


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