Free shipping in Italy, with purchases from €59

Frequent questions

How can I contact Spilucco? Consult the Contact Us page and choose the method you prefer, you can write to us on WhatsApp, send an email or call. Our customer service for quick and easy support.

The product does not meet expectations, what can I do? It's simple: write an email to specifying your details and, if you can, also the relevant order number. Describe the problem with the product received, possibly also attaching an image. It will be our commitment to take action immediately.

What are the shipping times in Italy? Visit the Shipping and Deliveries section, you will find all the useful information there based on your location.

From which foreign countries is it possible to purchase? Visit the Shipping and deliveries section, you will find all the useful information there based on your country.

How to get free shipping in Italy? Simply place an order equal to or greater than €59.00, shipping will be free.

How to order your products? It is possible to place an order either directly via the online shop, or by writing to us on WhatsApp or by sending an email to .

How do you package perishable products? visit the Packaging section, you will find all the useful information and a video dedicated to the packaging procedure used for controlled temperature management. The certified TempGuard system is a 100% recyclable Kraft paper package refrigerated with Recycold cold accumulators. This packaging is always free.

How can I track my order? After shipping your order you will receive an email with a tracking code, this will allow you to monitor the shipment until the box is delivered. Delivery times are specified on the Shipping and Deliveries page.

What forms of payment are available to purchase your products? You can use any credit card, your PayPal account, satispay, or pay by bank transfer.

The courier can't find anyone during the delivery, what to do? There will be two delivery attempts, if the second attempt also fails the package will remain in storage at the courier's warehouse. In this case you will have to contact the courier and release the stock. (No responsibility can be attributed to Spilucco in the event of a delay in delivering the package).

What to do if the neck is damaged? In case of anomalies, sign the carrier's payslip with reserve using exclusively the words DAMAGED PARCELAGES. Quality anomalies or breakages must be communicated within 8 days of receipt of the goods.


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