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The Spilucco team

Our vision

There Spilucco's vision is to offer the general public genuine and local food and wine products, to raise awareness of the places and production methods, to promote conscious consumption of healthy food through direct management from producer to consumer. Fundamental path for an eco-sustainable system to protect the environment and our society.

With your support, it will be possible to promote this development method that is important for our well-being. Each person has a role, a part, those who use their hands respecting nature, those who use them making good choices.

It's simple, easy and rewarding.

We present our mission to you

Passion, Local, Good

Spilucco is an online food shop, born thanks to the passion for local, typical, healthy and genuine artisanal products, fundamental to our Mediterranean diet and nutrition.

Small artisans of taste who still believe in limited production, quality ingredients and ancient processes: for us at Spilucco they are a heritage to be valorised.

Spilucco selects and verifies directly on site the producers it offers on the site, in the certainty that only together can we bring genuine products to be slowly enjoyed on your table.

Spilucco gives you the opportunity to buy, in a single site, the excellence of various producers that we choose, verify and select for you.

Spilucco helps you learn, get to know and try new products to broaden your taste knowledge.

Spilucco helps you eat better, healthily and slowly.

The protection of biodiversity, the little but good, experimenting with the palate, supporting those who support the environment by maintaining a bio-compatible relationship with it, sharing the taste, from the producer to the table: as you will have understood, these are our values.

Now it's your turn!

Buy on Spilucco and you too will be part of our mission.

Do you have a small business and want to join Spilucco?

You are welcome!

We work a lot but sometimes it's difficult to find that small producer.

If you find yourself in our mission contact us, we are waiting for you.

We don't know the word supplier, you will always be a collaborator who helps us fuel our taste chain.

The team

Responsible for research, development and business management

Traditional products and recipes have always fascinated him.

Geo taster, sommelier, quality control expert

He found in the team all those values ​​that are worth dedicating time to.

Computer engineer, programming is his passion

He found in Spilucco how to expand his language.

Social media manager, marketing and communication are his daily bread

Good foods also come from the web.


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