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Cinta senese ham

prosciutto di cinta senese DOP salume toscano

Cinta senese ham

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Cinta Senese ham is a typical cured meat from the province of Siena. A cut of pork of protected origin. The peculiarity of this product is its crunchy, marble-white, consistent fat and its aromatic, wild flavour. Only animals raised in the wild are used, whose meat is dry and very tasty. The Il Ruscello farm produces only gluten-free cured meats. Continue to visit our online shop for other typical, artisanal Tuscan products selected for you.


Cinta Senese pork meat, Cinta Senese pork fat, salt, pepper, flavourings, spices, gluten-free and lactose-free. Dextrose, antioxidant E300, preservative E252, E250.


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The product can be stored in the fridge from 0° to +4° with a maximum shelf life of 3 months. After opening, consume within a few days.


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