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Pecorino Gran Riserva 12-20 months aged

pecorino gran riserva stagionato 12/20 mesi

Pecorino Gran Riserva 12-20 months aged

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Pecorino Gran Riserva cheese aged 12/20 months, made from raw milk, it is a cheese that stands out for its very long maturation. A variety of pecorino with an intense, tasty, tasty flavour, which can be combined in any context, to be grated on pasta or rice, paired with appetizers, or accompanied by honey, mustards and a good red wine. The Sardinian origins of the Carai family are combined with high quality Italian milk: this mature cheese, a symbol of authenticity, is born in the Val di Cecina. Continue to explore our online shop for other typical Tuscan products and other specialties.


Milk raw sheep, rennet, salt, ferments.


Vacuum packed.


Store at a temperature of 0 to 10°. Product duration 60 days.


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