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Pecorino aged on hay (12-16 months)

pecorino affinato al fieno 12/16 mesi, 300g

Pecorino aged on hay (12-16 months)

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Tuscan Pecorino aged in hay for 12/16 months. Pecorino is a cheese obtained with sheep's milk, both pasteurized and raw. The various maturations to which it is subjected distinguish it, making it more or less tasty, with a soft or hard texture. This organic Tuscan pecorino in particular is matured for 12/16 months and refined with hay for the same duration. This mature cheese has a unique, balanced flavour, making it suitable for many dishes of Italian cuisine, including accompanying it with honey, jams and red wine which enhances its flavour. The L'Avvenire farm uses organic and biodynamic cultivation methods. Continue to visit our online shop for other typical Tuscan products.


Pasteurized sheep's milk , sea salt, rennet, ferment


Vacuum bag - product shelf life 60 days


Store in the refrigerator between a temperature of 0° and +4°


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