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Leccinella spreadable cow cheese

formaggio di mucca spalmabile Leccinella, 250g

Leccinella spreadable cow cheese

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Leccinella spreadable cow cheese with vegetable rennet, matured for 1 day. Leccinella is an organic cheese of the crescenza type from Poggio di Camporbiano, with a soft, raw texture produced with whole cow's milk and pasteurized milk, fat and soft, with a white colour. Spreadable cheese with a sweet and creamy taste, its consistency makes it perfect to taste on a warm bruschetta of Tuscan bread, with quick dishes, with meat and vegetables, with fish such as salmon. Crescenza (maturation 1 day) unlike stracchino (maturation 20/60 days) comes without skin. How we work: 100% milk from our own production, natural without additives or flavourings. Cows eat hay, grass, barley, bran and what nature offers. No silage, soya, corn. No powdered milk for the little ones, no antibiotics. The animals are not dehorned or tied, but free to graze. Natural fertilization. Continue to explore our online shop for other typical Tuscan products.


Cow's milk *, sea salt, vegetable rennet, lactic ferments.


Food grade plastic tray. product duration 15 days.


Store in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4-5°C.


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