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Company The Il Poggio di Camporbiano farm is located between San Gimignano and Gambassi Terme in the Sienese part of the heart of Tuscany, led by young Piedmontese in love with these wonderful landscapes. It produces cow and goat cheeses, flours and other all organic products. Story Making wholesome foods available to others is what pushed three friends in 1988 to create the farm immediately following the criteria of organic and biodynamic agriculture. Over time, other friends joined, all aware that the spirit and good practices of the company had to continue to be followed and confirmed. Work The fields of Camporbiano are over 200 hectares of oaks, holm oaks, cypresses and all types of Mediterranean trees where fallow deer, roe deer and wild boars find refuge. Only natural products are used to fertilize the land and to protect plants and animals; crop rotation, an ancient tradition, still used today to preserve the land. The passion for the genuine is still found in the transformation of products where synthetic chemicals are not used. All the products made come only from the company's own fruits and animals, guaranteeing quality and guaranteeing an organic and biodynamic process throughout the entire supply chain. Value proposition Tuscan goodness and authenticity in products made by the hands of those who love the land as themselves, a plus still to be appreciated and enjoyed today!


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