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Company The Il Ruscello farm was founded by Guido Nenna, a lover of nature, animals and the Tuscan countryside where he decided to live to cultivate his passions. Story Guido Nenna from Brescia began to know the landscapes of Valdera as a child thanks to his uncle who lived and owned land in these places. It is her uncle who helps her understand that her path is nature with its rhythms and cycles: as soon as she reaches the age of twenty she decides to move permanently to Chianni in the province of Pisa and just a few years Afterwards, in 1994, he began to naturally graze the Cinta Senese in the wild, always preserving the well-being of his animals. Today he has around 150 animals that graze on 55 hectares at their own physiological times and without pushing with food, going to slaughter only when the animal is naturally ready. Work The meat is processed only by selected butcheries and laboratories that take care of their animals and where the use of chemical products is truly limited. The traceability of the meat is guaranteed by the regulations for the Cinta Senese PDO pig, to which the Il Ruscello agricultural company adheres with devotion. Inside the farm there is also a proprietary oil mill where the organic extra virgin olive oil is made directly from its own olives. The system used is that of heatless presses which allow the oil to emerge spontaneously and maintain the original flavor and aromas. Value proposition Eating the meat from the Il Ruscello farm is an unparalleled taste sensation, the natural sweetness which enhances the flavour, the succulence without aromatic alterations and, above all, the pleasant digestibility (even of the lard). Do you want something different? Try the beer made with special Rivalto chestnuts!


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