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Tuscan porcini mushroom risotto

risotto ai funghi porcini toscano, 250g

Tuscan porcini mushroom risotto

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The Serrata Lunga Agricultural Company creates the Tuscan porcini mushroom risotto.
High quality dehydrated porcini mushrooms are combined with Carnaroli rice to create a dish with an unmistakable flavour. A natural and preservative-free mushroom risotto that manages to maintain all its freshness thanks to the introduction of Maremma rice in a controlled atmosphere into the bag. Alternate your diet with good Tuscan rice. Their preparation does not require particular skills or the addition of other ingredients, everything you need is already inside the package: prepare a light sauté, pour in the contents of the bag, toast the rice, and add a little vegetable broth at a time until the desired cooking point is reached. Continue to visit our online shop for other typical Tuscan products.


Carnaroli rice, dehydrated mushrooms.


Food plastic bag.


Store cool and dry for a long time.


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