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Tuscan wholemeal Ribe rice

riso ribe integrale toscano, 500g

Tuscan wholemeal Ribe rice

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The Tuscan wholemeal Ribe rice is grown in the Maremma, stone-worked, cooking time 20-25 minutes. Brown rice grown in Maremma is simple and quick to cook. organic rice is the undisputed protagonist of a healthy dish to make even when we have little time. From an easy "rice bowl" or simply seasoned with a little oil, this rice always leaves you satisfied. During cooking it loses starch, in the kitchen it is very versatile and is well suited to different preparations; it also does not overcook. Excellent if used for rice salads and side dishes, due to its compactness when cooked it is also recommended for fillings, timbales, supplì and arancini.Continue discovering our online shop for other typical Tuscan products.


Durum wheat semolina and water. Contains gluten. May contain traces of soy .


Food-grade plastic bag and cardboard.


Store in a cool, dry place. After opening, store in the refrigerator.


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