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Organic chestnut honey

miele biologico di castagno, 250g

Organic chestnut honey

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Organic chestnut honey. Country of origin: Italy - Production area: Tuscany Monte Serra - Apiaries of origin: Serra top of Monte Pisano. It is a monofloral honey, with extraordinary nutritional and organoleptic properties, produced by bees from chestnut flowers in mountainous areas above 400 meters where chestnut woods are found. Its consistency is particularly liquid, not always regular, due to the notable concentration of fructose it tends not to crystallize for long. This organic Italian honey with a very dark colour, from yellow-amber to almost black, has a pungent flavor at the beginning, much less sweet than other types of honey, and has an aftertaste tending towards bitter. Chestnut honey has a strong and penetrating scent, floral and balsamic, aromatic and woody. Regina di noce, a Tuscan excellence, stands out for having created the first traced Italian honey. What does it mean and what are the advantages? Traced honey guarantees the final consumer, as it describes the path of the product, from the apiary of origin to the single jar, and guarantees that the honey is taken with a single collection made over time and in the indicated area, where the apiary, so as to be able to connect the single jar to the territory and to the particularities of the spontaneous blooms. Continue to visit our online shop for other typical Tuscan products.


Country of origin:
Production area: Tuscany - Monte Serra
Apiaries of origin: Serra - top of Monte Pisano
Type: Monofloral - (with a single apiary of origin)
Warranty: The first traced Italian honey.


Glass jar and metal cap.


Store in a cool, dry place.


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