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Valle di Noce organic Millefiori d'Estate honey

miele biologico millefiori d'estate, 250g

Valle di Noce organic Millefiori d'Estate honey

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Organic Summer Millefiori honey. Country of origin: Italy - Production area: Tuscany Monte Pisano - Apiaries of origin: Valle di Noce. Millefiori is a honey with extraordinary nutritional and organoleptic properties. WALNUT apiary in Vicopisano (PI), produced in summer, from the intense blooms of the slope of Monte Verruca which arise spontaneously on arid and rocky soil. Each type of Millefiori presents different colours, tastes and aromas, full and decisive, and in some a liquid consistency and in others a "creamy" consistency, due to a natural, soft and iridescent crystallisation depending on the nectars of the different flowers and the sugar composition. Walnut wildflower honey crystallizes naturally, has a light color and an aromatic flavor with rich fruity and citrus notes. Regina di Noce, a Tuscan excellence, stands out for having created the first Italian organic traced honey. What does it mean and what are the advantages? Traced honey guarantees the final consumer, as it describes the path of the product, from the apiary of origin to the single jar, and guarantees that the honey is taken with a single collection made over time and in the indicated area, where the apiary, so as to be able to connect the single jar to the territory and to the particularities of the spontaneous blooms. Continue discovering our online shop for other typical Tuscan products.


Country of origin:
Production area: Tuscany - Monte Pisano
Apiaries of origin: Walnuts
Type: Summer wildflower honey
Warranty: The first traced Italian honey.


Glass jar and metal cap.


Store in a cool, dry place.


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