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Tuscan Arborio rice

riso arborio toscano, 1Kg

Tuscan Arborio rice

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Tuscan Arborio rice, white japonica type, with grains of medium length and rounded shape. Arborio Maremma rice is processed according to the ancient tradition on the Grosseto plain by the Serrata Lunga agricultural company. The best-known type of white arborio rice, with the large, rounded grain of Maremma rice. Resistant to cooking and rich in amylose, it is the ideal variety of rice for making risottos, dishes with sauce and timbales. Cooking time 16-18 minutes. It is recommended as a first course of land or sea, not overcooked, delicious with mushrooms. Maremma Rice has no extra additives and preservatives. Rice retains all its natural organoleptic characteristics during delicate processing. Continue to discover our online shop for other typical Tuscan products.


Arborio rice.


Vacuum plastic bag and cardboard.


Store cool and dry for a long time.


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