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Italian Rib Steak (Costata)

bistecca costata carne toscana

Italian Rib Steak (Costata)

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The Tuscan Limousine rib-eye steak (Costata) is obtained from the front part of the loin: it is a steak, but with a small fillet. The rib in particular is much larger than the back part from which the Florentine steak is obtained. From an organoleptic point of view, the rib is generally a little tougher than the Florentine but on average contains more fat and is therefore often tastier. Davide Balestri's products are gluten-free, continue to discover them in the online shop, where you can discover other typical Tuscan products.


"Rib" beef, raised, slaughtered and cut in Italy. Gluten and lactose free.


Vacuum bag


Store in the refrigerator between a temperature of 0° and +4°. After opening, consume within 2 days.


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