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Erede Rosè Classic Method

Erede rosè spumante italiano

Erede Rosè Classic Method

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Erede rosé VSQ classic method (min. 36 months in wine). A quality sparkling wine with a dry taste, rounded off by a light sweet note and characterized by a fresh, soft and fruity flavour. Its maturation time is a minimum of 36 months. Characterized by a pale pink color with delicate onion skin nuances. Its intense and elegant bouquet surrounded by notes of red fruits, such as currants, raspberries and strawberries, is enriched by a pleasant fragrance of citrus fruits and spices. Its taste is velvety on the palate, releasing the flavor of ripe fruit. Perfect with white and red meat dishes, grilled and boiled.


Canaiolo 100%.
Winemaking: short maceration in press on the skins alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperatures in cement vats.
Alcohol: 12.5%.
Fermentation: second fermentation in the bottle with permanence on the yeasts for at least 36 months.
Refinement: in the bottle for at least 4 months after disgorgement.
Service Temp 8° C – 10° C.


Glass bottle


Store in a cool place away from light.


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