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Artisanal aspic (jelly meat)

Aspic di carne in gelatina artigianale

Artisanal aspic (jelly meat)

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Beef aspic in 100% beef jelly, gluten and lactose free as per artisanal tradition. An excellent fresh dish to eat in spring or summer. Its preparation takes place by placing the ingredients in a container and covering them with the beef broth. Once well mixed it is placed in the refrigerator, the last operation that will make it compact and gelatinous. Serve cut into slices accompanied by a good organic artisanal mozzarella.


Jellied meat 100% beef, salt, natural flavourings, dextrose, potato starch, bovine gelatine, vegetable fibres, preservative E 250 sodium nitrite. garnish carrot. Gluten and lactose free.


Vacuum plastic food tray.


Store in the refrigerator - after opening consume within 5 days.


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