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Company The Azienda Agricola Verdoliva of Casciana Alta in the Pisa area was born from Fabrizio and Roberta who created this small local family-run business to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil. Roberta and Fabrizio cultivate their olive trees with organic systems that respect natural balances. Story Fabrizio and Roberta where various experiences of another type understand that the love for the Tuscan land is something unique, which in the end returns to beat in their hearts. They return from Spain and choose the rolling hills of Pisa where they can make their dream come true. Work Deliberately limited quantities to allow the entire production process to be controlled directly from the harvest to the mill. No chemical products or herbicides but only natural methods ranging from breeding to cold pressing in the oil mill, a maximum of 6 hours after harvesting to maintain all the characteristics and fragrances of the olive. Obtaining a healthy and beneficial oil for your health is Fabrizio and Roberta's mission and their PGI organic oil is the result. Value proposition Olio Verdoliva is for those seeking absolute quality and feeling the love for the Tuscan countryside in their mouths.


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