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Company The Serrata Lunga agricultural company was born in Principina Terra in the Grosseto area from the passion of three farmers who directly deal with the entire supply chain, from the land to the plate, creating the Riso Maremma format, or ready-made risottos respecting the artisanal tradition of our region, the Tuscany. Story The company is recently established and has directly worked and transformed the land to make it suitable for rice cultivation, aided by an environment and climate favorable for this type of cultivation. Work It is the Ombrone river with its clean water rich in substances that floods the land with its water at the beginning of Spring. At the end of spring the land is sown and with the help of the hands of the three partners this cereal will develop optimally. Without preservatives, without additives and without chemical herbicides, the work is done to obtain genuine rice with its real taste. Value proposition The rice from the Serra Lunga Agricultural Company is for those looking for high quality rice, a one-of-a-kind product that manages to let you savor the Tuscan passion for this cereal.


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