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Company Aurora Romeo has always been passionate about traditional Italian food and recipes and has managed to create its own artisanal pasta factory where it can produce Tuscan pasta using durum wheat semolina flour. Story The support of her husband is the turning point for the creation of the deliberately artisanal laboratory and from the first pastas produced the first national and international recognitions did not take long to arrive. Work The pasta has always been without the use of colorants and flavourings, and the slow drying at low temperatures helps maintain high quality production, with the help of ancient and organic grains grown exclusively in Tuscany. It is bronze drawn to obtain a rough and porous surface to better match the seasoning. Aurora loves tradition, but also experimenting and starts producing dried pasta with spices, essential for all cooking enthusiasts who can thus create very elaborate dishes. Value proposition A pasta with body and soul that manages to make your first course unique and pleasant.


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