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Company The brewery factory was founded by Fabrizio Di Rado who, with the help of two friends, all with a passion for beer and for their land of origin, chose to make their dream come true: producing artisanal and organic Tuscan beer. Story The company was born in 2012 when the passion for making home beer turned into a job: but not in just any brewery, but in an agricultural brewery as it managed to produce most of the cereals and hops used. Work From the field to the glass all supervised and controlled with love, to be able to create beers with a unique flavour: wheat, pale and amber beers all rigorously named with reference to the owl, a local animal also chosen for the logo. The beers are all produced by top fermentation, without pasteurization to give the aromas and flavor a greater taste balance. Value proposition Traditional Tuscan dishes combined with beers from the lands of the Province of Pisa: an unparalleled tasting experience!


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