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Company The Mastrociliegia agricultural company is located in the municipality of Lari nel Pisano, one of the most suitable Italian areas for the production of cherries. Story For centuries the Lari area was recognized and consecrated as the ideal terroir for the production of cherries, but over time the agricultural world was abandoned and the land and crops lost. This is where Leonardo's desire for change was born, as he did not want these peculiarities to be lost and therefore decided to set up the company. Work around 12 hectares of orchard and 1.5 hectares of olive grove in the beautiful Pisan hills but worked manually with great commitment as the land is fragile from a hydrogeological point of view. Organic cultivation, non-intensive cultivation, social agriculture: these are the main themes on which the company focuses to produce unique products of its kind. The Mastrociliegia company collects and cultivates hundreds of fruit varieties, including the Lari cherry registered in the official list of Guardian Farmers by the Tuscany Region. Value proposition Jams, liqueurs, juices and derivatives for those who, when it comes to taste, want only the best for their classic or sophisticated pairings.


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