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Company The historic “Davide Balestri” butcher's shop is located in the town of Lari, within its historic medieval village, surrounded by the walls of its Vicari castle. A point of reference and a guarantee for Pisan families, and for all tourists who return to visit the country to buy good meat, artisanal gluten-free cured meats and the legendary Florentine steak. Story Since before 1956 it has been managed by the Baroni family, succeeding one another from generation to generation. In 1956 the secrets of these "Ancient Butchers" were passed on to Ezio, who with great care personally chose the animals to be slaughtered, thus giving his contribution to a high quality of meat. Since 1989, the butchery has been run by Davide Balestri and his wife Federica, guardians of this noble art. Work The meats all coming from local farms give life to the many specialties that we can find at Davide: from fresh meat (the steaks are fantastic) to typical cured meats; among which stands out the "famous" Ezio soppressata and the salami with Lari cherry (a true Tuscan delicacy), poultry, game, game and ready-to-cook foods, all guaranteed by the excellence of the quality of the meat. Value proposition If you love good meat and good food you can't do without Davide Balestri's butcher's shop because here the tradition and flavors of the past continue to be kept alive.


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