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Company In San Miniato, halfway between Pisa and Florence, the Cupelli company began cultivating vines in 1952 and producing, according to tradition, high quality IGT wines, Vin Santo Toscano from native vines and sparkling wines.

Story The wines that the old cellar produced, run by Amelio Cupelli, already presented special qualities in terms of acidity and freshness and precisely from the analysis of these first conditions and from the firm decision of a great potential of the territory and of the vines, he developed and the sparkling wine project was completed. 

Work The company decided to undertake an ambitious project on native varieties in 2008, thanks to the desire to grow and innovate. The knowledge of the lands and the care in the cultivation of the vineyards have allowed us to obtain a new and different interpretation of the grapes, then used for the production of Cupelli classic method sparkling wines. 

Value proposition Our bubbles are born from the intent to enhance, without modifying, the natural organoleptic characteristics of the grapes while keeping them easily recognisable.


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