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Company Podere Pereto is an organic cultivation, processing and marketing company founded in Serre di Rapolano in the Siena area. In 30 years of organic production, productive and economic growth has not altered its ecological and solidarity values , of which Franco Bordoni has always been a pioneer and supporter. Story Franco Bordoni managed to create his company in 1991, starting immediately with the cultivation of local organic varieties, a passion given to him by his father which he tries to pass on to his collaborators at all times. The recovery of ancient varieties of seeds of Tuscan origin, maintaining plant biodiversity and the promotion of healthy, safe and artisanal products are the values ​​that have always been present in Podere Pereto products. Work Podere Pereto produces various types of cereals and legumes which allows for correct alternation in cultivation which helps not to impoverish the soil, but to respect its balance. All the processing from sowing to harvesting of cereals, legumes and vegetables is done directly by Podere Pereto, as well as the relative storage and final bagging: a short supply chain that allows the nutritional value of all its foods to be maintained. To date, all the cleaning phases of the products, shelling, pearling and calibration are also carried out in the company. Podere Pereto promotes the recovery of ancient varieties of legumes and cereals for the search for inimitable nutritional and gustatory qualities, but above all to prevent the disappearance of plant varieties from the Sienese territory and keep the genetic heritage unchanged, in order to also guarantee the continuity of the recipes , of typical products and of the peasant civilization of great knowledge. Value proposition Ancient and recovered varieties, domestic flavours, nutritional properties, digestibility: Podere Pereto products truly have something for all tastes!


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