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Cinta Senese Pizza from Spilucco

Who doesn't love Pizza ? Maybe no person who has a heart!

Pizza is that dish that breaks down all the regional and parochial barriers of us Italians, and although we all recognize the quality of Neapolitan pizza, every part of Italy has its delicious typical variations.

Did you know, for example, that Pisan pizza is fried in a pan and stuffed with capers, anchovies and grated parmesan?

Cinta Senese pizza from Spilucco

Pizza is always good and in (almost) all variations, and we at Spilucco, lovers of good food, certainly didn't miss the opportunity to create a recipe with the ingredients from our shop!

Despite the simplicity of the preparation, the authenticity of the ingredients from our small Tuscan artisan producers made the difference, and we created a delicious and crunchy Cinta Senese Sausage pizza that would be the envy of the best pizzerias!

Here is the recipe for 4 people for pizza:



Let's take a container where we can dissolve the yeast in warm water (20-25 degrees) with a pinch of sugar. When the yeast has completely dissolved, add salt and oil as needed.

Now start adding the flour a little at a time, mixing with a whisk. When the dough begins to become more consistent, pour it onto a surface and continue to work it with your hands as long as it continues to absorb flour.

At that point, return it to the container and leave it to rise covered with a cloth or film in a dry and not too cold place for at least a couple of hours.

When the dough has doubled in volume, take it to the work surface, divide it into 4 parts and work them for a few more minutes, then make balls into them and let them rest for another half hour.


At this point we can start preparing our pizzas! Let's take a ball and roll it out, we lovers of high pizza with a crust used our hands, but if you prefer it lower, feel free to use a rolling pin.

Once rolled out, add the tomato puree, a drizzle of oil, salt, oregano and the sausage cut into small pieces.

At this point the pizza is ready to be baked, if you have a wood-fired oven make sure it is hot, while in the electric oven let's bring it to 200-220 degrees.

The mozzarella (chopped) must be added halfway through cooking to prevent it from burning.

Leave to cook until the edges are well toasted (usually less than 10 minutes in total is enough) and serve!


For this pizza with a strong and decisive flavour, we recommend pairing it with a Belgian-style Golden Ale beer with a creamy taste and hints of malt and hops, such as Noctua from Opificio Birraio , an artisanal organic brewery from Crespina (Pisa).


If you feel like a true master of Cinta Senese , we challenge you to add rolled bacon during cooking or DOP salted lard after cooking.

Enjoy your meal!

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