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Free Range fresh Tuscan eggs

uova fresche toscane free range, 1pz=6 uova

Free Range fresh Tuscan eggs

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The fresh Tuscan free range eggs are created as organic nature wants: our hens are raised outdoors "Free Range". We work the soil by sowing herbs and fodder, which guarantee our hens an important supply of vitamins and mineral salts, the soil is also rich in microorganisms, insects and earthworms. Our hens live their lives in complete freedom during the day, while at night they rest safely inside the pens. Natural eggs are a source of noble proteins with high biological value. Their vitamin content such as vitamin A and vitamin E is excellent. They are also a good reserve of vitamin B1 and the yolk also contains a small quantity of vitamin D, which allows calcium to fix in the bones. Among the fats contained in this food there is cholesterol which should not be "feared", as an adequate consumption of eggs (2-4 per week) does not constitute health risks, on the contrary, on the contrary they contain Omega 3 fats, anti-inflammatory and protective for the cardiovascular system. For other eggs online, typical Tuscan products and many tasty specialties, continue to visit our online shop, full of old traditions and new creations.


Tuscan eggs


wood pulp packaging, totally recyclable and eco-sustainable food grade ink (contains 6 eggs - product lifespan 12 days minimum).


Store in the refrigerator between a temperature of 0° and +4° - product shelf life 12 days minimum).


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