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Tuscan crostini Davide Balestri

crostino toscano patè

Tuscan crostini Davide Balestri


The Tuscan crostini is an appetizer typically offered in the region itself, and this is why they are often referred to by this name. The bland Tuscan crunchy bread is the cradle of a very tasty cream with a typical flavour. It is a simple preparation, of peasant origin, which teaches us how important it is not to throw away anything that can be eaten. Made with chicken livers, this pate is a classic of our cuisine. Continue to visit our online shop for other typical Tuscan products and other tasty gastronomy.


Chicken livers, oil, onion, capers, anchovy paste, pepper and salt.


Glass jar.


Store in the fridge between 0° and +4°


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