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Tuscan crostini

crostino toscano, 180g

Tuscan crostini

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Mila and Ferdinando welcome you to their Gastronomic Boutique with the dish of the Tuscan culinary culture par excellence: the Tuscan crostino. Chicken livers have a unique flavour, just like the ones grandma used to prepare for Sunday lunch. A pearl of the Tuscan tradition made with genuine raw materials, without glutamate, flavourings, preservatives or colourings. The pâté is usually assigned as an appetizer, spread on bread, the "crostini whisk" is ideal. The bread slices can be toasted, grilled, or with the lower side just dipped in the broth. Some provinces have different variations, for example in Pisa the use of minced beef is envisaged. Continue to visit our online shop for other typical Tuscan products.


Beef 40%, chicken livers, bovine spleen, olive oil, mixed vegetables in variable proportions ( celery , carrot, shallot), capers, vinegar, iodized salt, wine, anchovies , aromatic herbs, spices.


Glass jar.


Store cool and dry for a long time, away from odours.


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