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Opal Tuscan Oolong Tea

opale tè oolong toscano, 1pz=3 filtri

Opal Tuscan Oolong Tea

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Opalè Tuscan oolong tea. This Italian tea is produced with camelliasinensis by Guido Cattolica, agronomist, expert in centuries-old Camellias (Cameliologist). Some famous people who are passionate about his tea: from Pope Ratzinger a Gerard Depardieu , from Alain Delon to Charlène Wittstock, wife of Albert of Monaco, from Indian Raja Banerjee, to chef Gianfranco Vissani. Natural Oolong tea, 100% zero kilometer. Ranked among the best teas in the world. There is no plantation in the world in which cryptogamic treatments are not carried out. Guido's Tea is free from these, it is 100% natural. Some Japanese delegations, every year, meet with Guido to listen to his immense knowledge regarding Camelliasinensis, or important personalities from the "tea world" from Belgium and France, such as the owner of the prestigious tea room in Paris Mariage Frères And Olivier Scala, considered one of the greatest tea experts in Europe. Guido's cultivation is located in Sant'Andrea di Compito, in the province of Lucca, on the slopes of Monte Serra. A tea plantation made up of 2,500 plants, worked strictly by hand in an artisanal way. Guido's tea is organic, even if he never wanted to acquire organic certification . Also note the packaging of the tea, simple and modest. A deliberate choice which represents Guido's seriousness, humility and knowledge (Guido's tea has obtained the classification of Sant'Andrea ecotype (sinensis variety, sinensis species, Sant'Andrea ecotype) capable of resisting up to 12 degrees below zero). Continue to discover other typical Tuscan products in the online shop.


Organic Oolong Tea. Preparation : for a good Oolong tea use natural mineral water with a Ph not exceeding 7. Heat the water to a temperature of 85°-95° ​​C (use a hob, not the microwave). Dip the tea filter into the first cup for 3.5 minutes. For the second cup hold the filter for 4.5 minutes.


Paper package, 3 staple-free cotton filters. Each filter can be used for two cups of tea.


Store in a cool, dry place. Minimum guaranteed expiry: 240 days


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