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Egg tagliolini

Tagliolini pasta all'uovo

Egg tagliolini

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A truly refined type of pasta is that of egg tagliolini. An egg pasta made with Italian durum wheat semolina flour and eggs carefully selected by Pastificio Caponi: a true typical Tuscan product. The tagliolini are ideal to accompany white or black Tuscan truffle condiments. They require 2-3 minutes of cooking. The dough is made from Italian durum wheat semolina and fresh free-range eggs in Italy. Once mixed at room temperature, the dough is pressed until it reaches the precise consistency, its thickness is measured by hand. The last processing phase before drying is spreading using the sheeter, a process that requires 12-14 passes by hand. Drying at room temperature lasts 48 hours. The Caponi pasta factory guarantees the highest quality of pasta by preserving the proteins of the eggs and the carbohydrates of the semolina. Continue to visit our online shop.


Semolina grain hard, egg 23%. Superior quality Italian durum wheat semolina dough and fresh eggs from selected farms.


Plastic bag and cardboard.


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