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Corn and rice noodles

tagliatelle di mais e riso, 250g

Corn and rice noodles

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The corn and rice tagliatelle from Pastificio Caponi are a gluten-free pasta that goes well with mushroom-based sauces and ragù. The corn and rice-based tagliatelle are made almost entirely by hand. The flavor of a typical traditional Tuscan product also suitable for celiacs and intolerants. They require 8-9 minutes of cooking. Tuscan corn and rice tagliatelle are a dish that everyone appreciates, both as a single course and for your important lunches, anniversaries and holidays. In Tuscany tagliatella is always a good reason for an invitation to dinner. Continue to discover our online shop.


Gastronomic specialty based on corn (70%) and rice (30%) "Gluten Free".


Plastic bag and cardboard.


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