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Apple juice

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Apple juice

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Podere Fontecornino apple juice is made with healthy apples selected from the Braeburn, Gala, Golden, Natyra, Granny Smith, Goldrush, Topaz, Fuji, Crimson Crisp, Pilot, Pinova and Weirouge varieties. An organic, healthy and naturally sweet juice, without added sugars, colorings or preservatives. Apple juice is appreciated by adults and children as a sweet juice, as a fruit juice for breakfast or as a pleasant thirst-quenching drink. Made only with organic apples. Located among the rolling hills of the Tuscan landscape, Podere Fontecornino is an organic farm that has been growing apples since 1992. There are 17 hectares of land cultivated with apples produced with respect for nature. Continue to discover our online shop for other fruit juices and typical Tuscan products, you will find many tasty local specialties.


Organic apple juice. 100% apples.


Glass bottle. Minimum shelf life 2 years


Store in a cool, dry place. After opening, store in the fridge.


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