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Tuscan spaghetti with Dicocco spelled

Spaghettoni toscani farro Dicocco bio

Tuscan spaghetti with Dicocco spelled

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Artisan pasta made from 100% organic Dicocco spelled flour, Italian origin, cooking time 17 min. This variety has a very high digestibility and a low quantity of gluten. Also suitable for those with slight intolerances, Tuscan spaghettoni are ideal combined with very different sauces. Delicious seasoned with cheese-based sauces but also plain with good extra virgin olive oil. Dicocco spelled has never undergone genetic alterations. Difficult to make pasta at low temperatures (Fabri succeeds), the grains are ground so that they do not heat up during grinding, maintaining the organoleptic properties of the semolina unaltered. The pasta factory follows pasta making and drying below 38°, guaranteeing an extraordinary ability to absorb sauces. A special Tuscan pasta like all the products you will find in the online shop.


Organic spelled wheat flour 100% Dicocco spelled (Italian origin), water. Contains gluten . May contain traces of eggs


Food plastic bag.


Store the pasta at a temperature below 18°C ​​and relative humidity of 65% to discourage the proliferation of insects.


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