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Salt & truffle

sale e tartufo

Salt & truffle

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Salt and truffle is perfect for seasoning meat and fish, to be kept in the pantry to season all types of dishes, salads, vegetables and potatoes. It manages to make every course tasty and tasty thanks to the unmistakable delicate and refined taste of the San Miniato summer truffle. Available in 3 different formats. A multifunctional product, both for cooking and for seasoning, with your imagination you will surprise your guests at the table. Discover the other truffle products from Nacci Tartufi. Continue visiting the online shop for all typical Tuscan products.


Fine salt, dehydrated summer truffle (tuber aestivum vitt.) 2% (equal to 10% of fresh truffle), aroma.


Glass jar and metal lid.


Store in a cool, dry place,


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