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Tuscan Rigatino

rigatino toscano salume

Tuscan Rigatino

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Tuscan rigatino is a cut of pork obtained from the central part of the pig, the belly, and is characterized by clear strips of lean alternating with the fatty part which characterizes its delicate and sweet flavour. It is rolled up on itself until it obtains a cylindrical shape, within which the flavors and aromas are enhanced during the long maturation. Tuscan rigatino, unlike pancetta, is obtained from the upper part of the pig, between the lard and the lower part of the pig, the belly. The rigatino is prepared by dividing the meat from the rind, but leaving the latter attached so that it can then cover the rigatino itself. Everything is rolled up and tied with string. It is then left to mature for 40 days. All our products are gluten-free. Continue to discover cured meats and other typical Tuscan products on this online shop.


Pork leg, salt, garlic, spices, natural flavourings, preservatives: E 252, E 250. Gluten and lactose free.


Vacuum bag


Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Store cool and away from light, product lasts 180 days. If correctly stored, the product maintains its organoleptic, nutritional and hygienic characteristics unchanged until the expiry date shown on the label.


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