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Montalcino ham

prosciutto di Montalcino, 2Kg

Montalcino ham

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The national shank, Montalcino ham is a pork salami, processed, seasoned and boned pork leg with a strong, pronounced and enveloping flavour, with the best meat. Cut with a knife like grandfather Lanciotto did, it enhances the flavor and pleasure of this Tuscan ham that a slightly thick cut offers to our taste. Distributed by Bonsignori cured meats known for the processing of pork and wild boar meat from Italian farms, production free of allergens and gluten. For other typical Tuscan products, continue to explore our online shop.


Pork, salt, pepper, natural flavourings, spices, sucrose, dextrose, antioxidant E301, preservatives: E252-E250.


Vacuum packed.


To be stored in a cool, dry place away from light, shelf life 2 years


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