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Porchetta Nonno Lanciotto

porchetta nonno Lanciotto, 1Kg

Porchetta Nonno Lanciotto

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Nonno Lanciotto porchetta is created by the Pinzani company on behalf of Bonsignori Salumi, it is obtained from pork belly and boned pork loin, kept in brine for 24 hours with salt, pepper, and natural flavourings. A Tuscan porchetta to be savored. After the brine, the loin is wrapped in bacon flavored with garlic, rosemary, salt, fennel and placed in the oven to cook. An exquisite, tasty Tuscan meat, for all lovers of good artisanal porchetta. For other typical Tuscan products, continue to discover our online shop.


Pork, salt, pepper, spices in variable proportions, wild fennel, antioxidant: E301 sodium ascorbate, sucrose, garlic, natural flavourings. Naturally contains coumarin.


Vacuum packed.


Store in the refrigerator between a temperature of 0° and +4° - shelf life 60 days from the production date. Once the product is opened, consume within 10 days.


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