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"Hot Dog" sandwich

hot dog panino artigianale

"Hot Dog" sandwich

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Hot dog, the fantastic artisanal sandwich made by the Panificio Bernardeschi of Lari, ready to be stuffed with cheeses, cured meats and various sauces. Its weight is approximately 120 grams, made only with Tuscan flour. After cooking it is branded by fire. With its irresistible flavor we can define it as gourmet-proof. Ideal for enthusiasts, for sandwich shops, for all those who want an excellent product. As soon as it is ready it is packaged and delivered to the express courier. It can be kept for 6 days. Also discover our " Bun Burger ", the hamburger bun, if you are looking for excellence then you know where to find it.


0 soft wheat flour , lard, sugar, dextrose, skimmed milk , salt, emulsifier (E471), malted wheat flour , egg .


Food plastic bag.


Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Consume the product within 6 days of the production date.


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