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Sliced ​​black truffle honey

miele al tartufo nero a fette

Sliced ​​black truffle honey

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Black truffle honey is a specialty based only on the highest quality Italian honey of the wildflower or acacia type. The flavor is completed by the San Miniato black truffle with a strong and pronounced flavour. Perfect to pair with any type of goat, sheep and cow cheese. Also perfect as a cough remedy that brings back your appetite! Our honey is simply fantastic on "Pecorino" and "Parmesan" cheese and on all mature and semi-mature goat, sheep and cow cheeses. Also worth trying with Lardo di Colonnata or with baked scampi and prawns. Discover other truffle products from Nacci Tartufi. Continue visiting the online shop for all typical Tuscan products.


Honey (Italian origin) 95%, Italian black truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt) 5% flavourings.


Glass jar and metal cap.


It can be stored unchanged for 3 years, at room temperature. After opening, it should preferably be stored in the fridge at +4°/+8° for at least two months.


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