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Tuscan red Luxirio

Luxurio vino toscano, 0,75Lt

Tuscan red Luxirio

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Luxirio Tuscan red is the first red wine born in the La Tana winery, an agricultural company that respects the land from which it is committed to drawing the best fruits. A wine made from Sangiovese and Ciliegiolo grapes with a sweet and floral scent. It is the winery's red wine that best accompanies traditional Tuscan dishes. Luxirio is the first wine born, its name contains the root lux, light; it is the name that inspired all the others. With a sweetly vinous aroma and hints of fragrant and fresh flowers. Cantina La Tana takes care of and manages its lands as the good farmers of the past did, thus maintaining all the characteristics of the artisanal farm.


Grape variety: Sangiovese and Cigliegiolo.
Alcohol: 13%.
Maturation: in acacia barrels and bottle refinement.


Glass bottle.


Store in a cool place away from light.


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