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Elixir China Calisaja liqueur

Liquore Elixir China Calisaja

Elixir China Calisaja liqueur

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Elixir China Calisaja liqueur (33% alcohol content). Imported directly from Ecuador, the cinchona bark is pounded by hand in an ancient mortar and then combined with pure alcohol to macerate. After strictly cold processing, it is left to rest in oak barrels. The alkaloids and active ingredients contained in it have a strong and very bitter taste. It manages to improve the functions of the stomach and digestive system. Cinchona is used both as a bitter and as a digestive and as a remedy against flu symptoms. Before pouring you need to shake the bottle to mix its essential oils.


Cinchona bark, alcohol, orange peel, natural flavourings, water, sugar (gluten free).


Glass bottle


Store in a cool place away from light.


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