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linguine, pasta artigianale toscana, 500g


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Italian durum wheat semolina pasta, cooking time 7-9 minutes. The linguine from Pastificio Romeo is an artisanal pasta, an ideal specialty for any first course. Rolled out on a cane, trimmed and packaged strictly by hand, linguine is a Tuscan pasta ideal for mixing with any sauce and condiment. As per ancient tradition, they retain the irregularity in length, proof of the artisanal product. Their drying at low temperatures allows the organoleptic properties of the grain and its nutritional principles to be maintained unaltered. This type of thicker linguine, dried on a barrel (size 52 cm), is suitable for combinations from sauces to more elaborate condiments up to the simple seasoning with oil and cheese. Continue to visit our online shop.


Semolina grain hard and water. Contains gluten . May contain traces of soy .


Food plastic bag.


Store the pasta at a temperature below 18°C ​​and relative humidity of 65% to discourage the proliferation of insects.


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