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Salted lard from Cinta Senese

lardo salato di cinta senese DOP

Salted lard from Cinta Senese

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This PDO salted Cinta Senese lard is made with a cut of pork raised directly by the Il Ruscello farm which has been producing cured meats for some time, according to artisanal methods. A genuine, fine and tasty gluten-free product. It can be consumed as a normal cold cut, on toasted Tuscan bread but also for the preparation of refined dishes. The pork lard is trimmed to give the product a rectangular shape, then it is salted and flavored in special containers. After 60/90 days it is cleaned of aroma residues and packaged in special vacuum bags.


Pork lard, salt, pepper, natural flavourings, spices, dextrose, antioxidant E301 sodium ascorbate, preservative E252 potassium nitrate, E250 sodium nitrite.


Vacuum bag.


Store in the refrigerator between a temperature of 0° and +4° - shelf life 60 days from the production date. Once the product is opened, consume within 5 days.


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