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Soft amaretti

amaretti morbidi 250g

Soft amaretti

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Soft macaroons made by Pasquinucci, an artisanal Tuscan biscuit factory that produces biscuits and baked sweets, for good table pastries. Golden in color with classic cracks and a sprinkling of sugar on the surface. Inside a soft and delicious heart. Delicate and soft, these biscuits are perfect for any snack. Made with armelline almonds, with which a special almond paste is obtained.


Kernels, sugar, egg white, candied orange: (orange peel, glucose - fructose syrup, sugar, acidity regulator: citric acid, preservative: sulfur dioxide (as fruit residue), invert sugar syrup, ethyl alcohol, flavourings, natural flavourings. May contain traces of nuts, milk, soya, eggs, cereals and their derivatives,


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