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Artisanal Cherry Tart

crostata di ciliegie, 250g

Artisanal Cherry Tart

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Our cherry tart is handcrafted with selected ingredients, the result is a soft, fluffy dessert, as shortcrust pastry requires. A simple recipe but full of flavor and goodness. The cherry enhances its taste, the scent of a tart evokes stories and traditions that our grandparents lived, just like they used to do in the past. Perfect both for an excellent breakfast and as a tasty snack for adults and children. Its thin base made with shortcrust pastry is also enriched with other jams: apricot, blackberry, or with a hazelnut cream. A specialty of the Biscottificio Pasquinucci, which offers typical Tuscan desserts. To find other artisanal online pastries visit our shop.


"00" wheat flour, vegetable margarine: non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats (fats (palm and coconut), oils (sunflower), water, emulsifiers (E471, E475, E322 sunflower lecithin), preservative (E202), water regulator acidity (E330), flavourings, coloring (beta-carotene), sugar, eggs , cherry puree: (glucose - fructose syrup, cherry puree 35%, sugar, thickener: pectin with added sodium pyrophosphate and sodium algitate, water regulator acidity: citric acid, sodium citrate and calcium citrate, preservative: potassium sorbate, colouring: carmine, flavourings).May contain traces of nuts, milk, soya, eggs, cereals and their derivatives.


Food grade plastic bag and food grade aluminum tray.


Store in a cool, dry place away from light.


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