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Il Pesciolino monocultivar extra virgin olive oil

Olio evo monocultivar toscano

Il Pesciolino monocultivar extra virgin olive oil

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Il Pesciolino extra virgin olive oil, monocultivar format (monovarietal), produced from cold-pressed organic olives of the "frantoio" variety. Made by the Francesca Venerosi Pesciolini farm in Ghizzano (Pi), this special oil is marked and decisive with an engaging flavour. A natural and engaging journey, which begins with the hand-picking of the olives from their own lands up to the cold pressing. Available in 500 ml format.


100% extra virgin olive oil produced (bottled and packaged) with our organic olives. Harvest year 2023/2024.


Aluminum can


Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources. Optimal temperature: 12-15°C.


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