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Giulebbe "with apricot"

Giulebbe "with apricot"

Giulebbe "with apricot"

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Giubelle (with artisanal sourdough), a Tuscan dessert made by Bernardeschi, the baker from Lari, winner of national gold medals and second place in the international panettone competition. It has the same dough as the Easter Colomba, the variant is the addition of grated pure Sicilian lemon and orange zest and soft apricot. Covered with icing and whole Italian almonds. Its interior is soft and fresh, with an almost "creamy" filling where the mix of citrus fruits and apricot transform a classic into something unique. Ideal for breakfast, at the table also accompanied by chocolate or fresh cream. Finally a revisitation of a classic to be enjoyed all year round.


00 wheat flour, milk , water, sugar, butter , egg yolk , honey, salt, semi-candied apricot: (apricot, sugar, glucose, citric acid). aromas: lemon juice and grated orange. Covering: sugar, corn starch, almond flour, durum wheat semolina flour, corn flour, egg white , clarified butter , granulated sugar. the. May contain traces of nuts, milk, soy, eggs, cereals and their derivatives.


Food plastic bag.


Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Before tasting the product, keep it for a few hours near a heat source (in the summer it doesn't matter) to savor all the facets of its flavours, or heat it in the oven for a very short time if you prefer to make it drier. Consume the product within 30/40 days from the production date.


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