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100% Pure White Truffle Cream

crema di tartufo bianchetto

100% Pure White Truffle Cream

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This 100% pure Bianchetto truffle cream is used like fresh truffle, in small quantities (about 1 teaspoon per person) mixed with butter, cream or extra virgin olive oil, to prepare tagliolini or truffle risotto or mixed with mascarpone for canapés and appetizers. Also excellent for meat and egg dishes. Pure truffle creams (paté) are made exclusively with top quality ground truffle and the addition of olive oil, for a fine and tasty product. Bianchetto Truffle Cream is a high quality product made in San Miniato, Tuscany. Continue to visit the online shop for all the typical Tuscan products of Nacci Tartufi with their truffle products.


Bianchetto truffle (Tuber albidum Pico) 85%, peanut oil, salt, flavourings. Without preservatives and colorants.


Glass jar and metal cap.


It can be stored unchanged for 3 years at room temperature. After opening, it can be stored in the fridge at +4°/+8° for about 1 month, preferably covering the surface of the cream with olive oil.


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