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Oil and salt spreadable cream

crema spalmabile con olio e sale

Oil and salt spreadable cream

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45% hazelnut cream with Volterra salt and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, a winning combination. The pinch of salt to have a just the right slightly salty aftertaste, a drizzle of oil to give a velvety touch. Volterra salt is the purest in Italy, as it is the only one to be extracted deeply. Maitre Chocolatier Angiolini manages to create an exclusive product every time, where the union between skill and excellent ingredients gives life to engaging flavours.


Hazelnut 45%, (Italian origin), cocoa mass, cane sugar, extra virgin olive oil, salt. May contain wheat, eggs, hazelnuts, pistachios, soy, milk.


Glass jar.


Store cool and dry for a long time, away from odours.


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